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Cardano Community Poster #1 (Q2 2021)

Have a great reminder on your ADA journey 🎉🥳

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Digital and paper version


BUY LIMITED (ONLY 21 copies)

Please note: numbers 1, 2, 3 and 9 are already reserved

30 EUR ($36 USD)

82 EUR ($98 USD)


120 EUR - free shipping ($145 USD)


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IMPORTANT NOTE (PURCHASES) // Update: April 25, 2021
1) If you purchased a digital version you will receive a copy 5-7 days after the poster is finished
2) If you purchased the print version - the poster will be ready to ship out 15 days after its completion

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* I've decided not to frame this poster because it greatly reduces postage and framing costs and simplifies the whole delivery process.
It is much cheaper for you if you buy a frame or get it framed locally.


The Cardano community poster represents a reminder of a wonderful time in Cardano history and shows the early crypto adopters.

Having all of your Cardano friends on the wall is a great conversation starter and a fun reminder of all the people you are sharing this journey with.