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XRP price valuation

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The only "scientific" valuation approach of the XRP price potential

Category: Cryptocurrency / Blockchain    Date: June 2020 Keywords: Ripple, XRP, xRapid, blockchain, cryptocurrency  //   Back to Infographics



Basic information:

The price for XRP*
- $6.37 (low estimate)**
- $32.91 (high estimate)**

* expected timeframe in the next 10-12 years (2028-2030)
** an estimate of XRP transaction volume in the range of
$190-560 B per day


Valuation Approach: Transaction + Storage
This approach to valuing cryptoassets integrates the two primary functions of money:

1) medium-of-exchange
2) store-of-value


Conclusion of the paper:
"This result, suggests that both BTC and XRP may have significant upside from current price levels despite the spectacular price appreciation in early 2017.

This paper, by contrast, incorporates future unit issuances, consistent with standard finance theory for valuing assets in a dynamic environment.

Note that the “High” and “Low” estimates are used to acknowledge the significant imprecision in
assigning values to the most complex parameters."


"A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets XRP and BTC" (2018)
by Susan Athey & Robert Mitchnick


DISCLAIMER: Susan Athey and Robert Mitchnick haven’t been involved in making this infographic.





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