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Your personalized XRP Poster
Want to have your custom XRP Community Poster?

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order your personal XRP Community Poster!

Send request: or send DM on Twitter @stedas



When purchasing this poster, please send to my e-mail

  • Your Twitter name and username
  • Background image (please make sure to send clear, as hi-res as possible photo)
  • Since when in XRP community (a year when first invested in XRP)
  • Country (state)
  • Favorite crypto quote
  • Usernames of your favorite Twitter friends (with @) | Min: 5, max: 30
  • Names of your favorite YouTubers | max: 10
  • Name of your favorite Ripple employee (1)
  • Name of your favorite Coil blogger (1)
  • Your XRP price prediction (by 2025)
  • What version do you want: digital or print?



Poster comes in two versions (digital and paper) and three sizes (A4, A3 and A2).

The poster is printed on a high quality Glossy Photo Paper (160gsm) for attention-getting images.

If you need personalized print to arrive quickly instead of receiving an actual print through the mail, you would receive a digital file through your e-mail that is ready for printing and you could print it out wherever you are.

Please select "Digital PDF" from the list if you'd prefer this option.





Packaging & Shipping


DIGITAL: 2-3 days

PRINT: 15 - 20 days

Poster comes without the frame. Prints come in a protective hard mailing tube.
All items are shipped from Croatia, using International airmail.


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  • I think your posters are going to be at a minimum fun to look back at and remember the friendship you made along this journey, but they may very well end up being an historical document, @XRPVenture
  • Shout out to @stedas for making such a cool poster! I'm excited! Better get yours!, @XRP_Rambo
  • Hi Stedas! Just want to say that I appreciate everything you do for the XRP community. You are a huge keystone in the community’s foundation and your hard work does not go unnoticed. I am very interested in being included in the next poster too! Thanks and I can’t wait to see what else you come out with. @c_mike13
  • Definitely a must-have! Thanks for putting your talents to work @stedas, ‏@XRP_Harvester
  • Wow! What would i do for a little space in the new poster? Thank you!, @Tiziano45087259
  • Wow!!! You’ve outdone yourself AGAIN @stedas!! This poster is even MORE beautiful than your last one, and I didn’t think that could happen. Very impressive! $XRP fam in the house! @Crypto_Ginger
  • Excellent artwork and contribution, @stedas! @Hodor
  • Just received my #XRPcommunity Poster from @stedas. And I cant wait to get it printed and hung up on my wall. If you haven’t already, reach out to him and get your piece of history in the making. @c_mike1
  • XRP_Cro works tirelessly in the background creating XRP Infographics so the #XRPCommunity can learn. Thanks for all you do @stedas@sincerelygeorge
  • Maybe name it X-men Second class lol. Your site is a great resource for the community. Thank u, XRP Gator @XRPGator
  • Check out my guy @stedas and the great poster he is making to show who to follow in the #XRPcommunity, Andrew H, ‏@BlockCAN1
  • If you don’t get ONE you will regret it like not buying #XRP when it was 0.28$ :), Baky XRP,‏ @MatejR4
  • And @stedas scores again! Mark R. Phillips APR ‏ @Mark_Phillips
  • Can't wait to see the finished product and will proudly display one of these bad boys over the fireplace mantle, XRPFerguson, @tfergtrades
  • Hello. Your poster is a piece of History in the making!! I would like to pre-order one. Please let me know wht is necessary. Thank you for creating historical poster, @MizzC8
  • Dario - Your graphics are fantastic!  Thank you for working for our community. Im waiting on the moon to be in sight so that I can tip my wonderful community members that have brought so much to the community, @MizzC8
  • You have done a fantastic job with your info graphics! Thanks! Chris S.
  • Let me know when its ready bro ill definitely would like to buy one to own and display lol. Years from now would be nice to see the xrp community as it was initially, Boncryp XRP
  • This is really a damn awesome idea. I love the idea of grabbing one to bece a relic of a time like this, The Bank of Lumi, ‏@LumiXRP
  • Hello, I am requesting a copy of the XRP Community Poster. It would be awesome to have one. I found out about the poster from the DAI (Digital Asset Investor) on YouTube, Jennifer S.
  • Thank You Stedas! I'm pre-ordering my print as I type! XRP CAROLINA ‏ @XrpCarolina
  • Amazing poster showing many of the great XRP community! Fantastic work from @stedas, Brave Counsel, @BraveCounsel
  • Great work man! I’ve been following this and this is awesome what you are doing for the $xrp community, Andrew H, ‏@BlockCAN1
  • Shout out to @stedas for his beautiful work for the #XRPCommunity ❤ XRP Charity Community, @charity_xrp
  • Looks awesome man. Very nicely done🤘 but it would looks better to me if I can find myself on it :) Mr. Poopy Butthole, ‏ @Mr_PoopyButtH
  • Thank you so much! I feel loved! :) I have technically started a youtube channel a couple weeks ago and made 3 videos but I dont expect to be in the youtube section for that :P, ‏ @Franctrades
  • It's great you're helping nurture the community. It's a fun ride to share with birds of a feather :), @JamesASquires

Want to order your personal XRP Community Poster?



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