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Songbird (SGB) and Spark (FLR) airdrops

Everything you need to know about the Songbird 🐦and Spark🌟 airdrops 👇

Category: Cryptocurrency / Blockchain    Date: September 2021 (first published: Feb 2021)    Keywords: Ripple, XRP, xRapid, blockchain, cryptocurrency  





I am not affiliated with any of these airdrop projects. I do not endorse nor recommend buying or trading any of these tokens. Do your own research. Contact the project owners on Twitter and ask any questions about their project, roadmap, tokenomics.



Find everything about the coming Songbird and Spark airdrops for the XRP holders

1) Songbird token airdrop update
2) How to connect your Ledger hardware wallet to the Songbird network?
3) How to connect the metamask extension to the Songbird network?
4) Upcoming airdrops
5) Exchanges and wallets supporting Spark (FLR) airdrop
6) Exchanges and wallets supporting Spngbird (SGB) airdrop
7) How to check your Songbird claim ratio (balance)?


Seting up a trustline has some risks involved:

1. TrustLine is misconfigured (Rippling on, XUMM shows an exclamation mark with a fix button) = risk of funds with the same asset code being swapped for each other (e.g. fake USD for real USD)

2. TrustLine cannot be removed again because of issuer misconfiguration

3. Biggest and most common risk: getting greedy and deciding to want more of the token and buying it on the DEX.


 1) Only first 15% of your FLR tokens will be distributed. You will receive the rest of 85% in the next 2-3 years.
2) You will receive 100% DFLR based on your 15% FLR balance. The DFLR: FLR claim ratio may adjust.

3) You will receive Spark (FLR) and DFLR tokens in the Flare wallet, on a supporting exchange or other compatible applications built on top of the Flare Networks (e.g. Flare Finance)

Sources: Flare Network blog | Flare FInance