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ExFi airdrop for the SGB holders

⚠How to add ExFi in MMask or Bifrost wallet? // Airdrop Jan 1, 2022

Category: Cryptocurrency / Blockchain    Date: Dec 2021    Keywords: Ripple, XRP, xRapid, blockchain, cryptocurrency  || This is a paid promotion.




Snapshot was on December 12th, 2021 ( 7PM CET)

New ExFi smart contract address: 0xC348F894d0E939FE72c467156E6d7DcbD6f16e21

If you already imported the "old" ExFi contract address in MetaMask you can't remove it - only hide it. Click on the three dots beside your EXFI name (upper corner) and then click on "Hide ExFi".


What is ExFi?
ExFi is the native token on the ExFi Platform, and will be used as a primary fee replacement token and for yield farming.

Total Supply: 110,000,000 $EXFI
Airdrop — 40,000,000 $EXFI
Yield Cloud — 40,000,000 $EXFI
Foundation Reserves — 20,000,000 $EXFI
Team Allocation — 10,000,000 $EXFI


EXFI will also be used in various ways across the ExFi Platform including:

  • to create $CAND on FlareLoans, which can optionally be used to farm more $SFIN
  • to purchase NFT’s and participate in auctions on FlareDrop
  • to provide to coverage pools and purchase coverage on FlareMutual
  • to vote on FlareGovernance and enact change across ExFi



I do not endorse nor recommend buying or trading any of these tokens. Do your own research. Contact the project owners on Twitter and ask any questions about their project, roadmap, tokenomics.