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Secure your private keys with the indestructible Cryptotag

Date: December, 2019   Keywords: Ripple, XRP, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain


Replace your paper backup with a titanium Cryptotag (3 A's in the Jameson stress test)

Use fire and corrosion-proof titanium Cryptotag to store your private keys

Writing down a private key on paper can be a bad decision. A house fire, flood, or simply a bad memory can mean that your crypto is lost forever. Use fire and corrosion-proof titanium Cryptotag to store your private keys.



The CRYPTOTAG handles extreme circumstances like no other. Temperatures up to 3050 °F / 1.668 °C, corrosion and extreme pressure are no problem. Extreme tests have been carried out on the product, and the 6mm thick Titanium is literally bulletproof.


4 million bitcoins lost*
CRYPTOTAG is a solution

At the moment almost 4 million bitcoins have been lost*. This is about 23% of the circulating bitcoins. The Dutch start-up CRYPTOTAG has found a premium solution for this problem. They invented a virtually indestructible backup system of titanium. The CRYPTOTAG is compatible with nearly all crypto-wallets.**

** The CRYPTOTAG is compatible with nearly all wallets such as Ledger Nano, Trezor, KeepKey, Cool Wallet S, Exodus, etc.


Have you invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP (Ripple)? STORE IT PROPERLY!

Cryptocurrency is stored in a digital wallet. This wallet generates a unique key (private key). When you lose this key, you can no longer access your cryptocurrency and there is no party that can help you to restore it.

Cryptocurrency can be stored in various ways. The most common storage methods are:

  • On an exchange
  • On a PC (software wallet)
  • On a hardware wallet (Recommended: Ledger Nano X )



Hardware wallet

One of the safest ways of storage is the hardware wallet. These are physical wallets that can be connected to a PC or laptop via a USB input. They isolate the private key and are resistant to malware and viruses. This is because they are not connected to the internet and do not have a CPU.

Risks of a hardware wallet;

  • Destruction by water or fire or other causes
  • Loss of your wallet
  • Failing to remember the PIN Code
  • After a firmware update, the wallet can be reset to factory settings

To restore a hardware wallet you need 12 to 24 backup words. Most of the time, these words are written down on a piece of paper or stored online. This is, in general, a very bad idea, as these words can easily be stolen, hacked or get lost.

The CRYPTOTAG creates a virtually indestructible back-up, as the 12 to 24 words are stored on titanium.




- 2 Titanium Plates (96 Letters Per Plate)

- 26 Letter Bits

- An Anvil

- A Bit Holder

- Ear Plugs

- Matches To Burn Your Paper Backup When Finished!



Cryptotag ranked 3rd (AAA) on a Seed Storage Stress Test where these resistance characteristics were tested:

  • heat
  • corrosion
  • crush


How does the CRYPTOTAG work?

CRYPTOTAG is a virtually indestructible backup system that makes it possible to store the backup words offline in titanium, which is the metal of the gods. The backup words must be stamped in titanium using the components that are included in the package.


This is for the HODLers

Are you a long-term cryptocurrency holder (1 or more years)?

Secure your private keys with the indestructable Cryptotag - fire and corrosion-proof titanium device to store your private keys.


Dario Šuveljak
crypto enthusiast

Twitter: @stedas


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