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Coreum - a fast, interoperable and scalable Layer-1 smart blockchain

Coreum is a fast Layer-1 blockchain developed by Sologenic

Category: Cryptocurrency / Blockchain    Date: Dec 2021    Keywords: Ripple, XRP, xRapid, blockchain, cryptocurrency  || This is a paid promotion.


Coreum is a fast, interoperable and scalable Layer-1 smart blockchain with low transaction Cost.

Sologenic is built on top of the XRPL.
Coreum, is not built on top of XRPL , but is a Blockchain itself. Sologenic will remain on the XRPL and once Coreum is live, will eventually exists there too.

✅7000 transactions per second

✅block time of 1.5 seconds

✅3rd generation blockchain

✅99% lower carbon footprint🌲

✅100% Community Based

Coreum uses a Bonded Proof of Stake (BPoS) consensus mechanism that allows for Staking, non-custodial Delegating, Slashing, and Governance.

The CORE token is the native token of the Coreum blockchain, a transactional token that facilitates all operations and functionalities on the Coreum network.

Some of the proposed use-cases of the Coreum blockchain are:
● Tokenized Securities (e.g.
● Liquidity Providers (LPs) and Market Makers
● Cross-border Payments, Banking and Remittance (e.g. Swift)
● Stablecoin Ecosystems (e.g. USDC, USDT, …)
● Lending Platforms (e.g. Blockfi, Nexo)
● Wrapped Cryptocurrencies (e.g. ERC20, BSC20)
● Decentralized Exchanges (e.g., UniSwap, …)
● Metaverse Applications (e.g. Decentraland, The Sandbox, Meta)
● NFT Marketplaces (e.g.,, …)
● Gaming and Play-to-earn apps (e.g. Axie Infinity)




This is a paid promotion.

I do not endorse nor recommend buying or trading any of these tokens. Do your own research. Contact the project owners on Twitter and ask any questions about their project, roadmap, tokenomics.