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Order visually stunning infographic for your company.
Prices depend on complexity level. Please, request a quote.


1) Infographic design can include: development revisions (1-5), text stats, graphics/illustrations/icons, tables and charts, and can be delivered in PNG/JPG or PDF file format.*

2) Infographic project doesn't include topic research or source file (Adobe Illustrator). You need to prepare the narrative (text, reserach data and other materials). If you want these extras, there are additional fees (request a quote).

3) Standard turnaround is up to 10 working days (simple infographic) and 25 working days (complex infographic) with revisions taking 2-3 days. Faster turnaround times incur extra fees.

* The number of development revisions, text stats and graphics / illustrations depend on the complexity level of an infographic

- Bank/wire transfer (SWIFT) or PayPal.
- Deposit is required for all projects above €1,000.00 (40% in advance).
- The final payment must be paid upon completion of my service(s) within NET 10 working days.

If you wish to order another type of presentation (how-to guide, annual report, company profile, press release etc.) please contact me to discuss your special requirements and I would be happy to offer you quote for custom design.

Have a question about ordering, custom project, payment terms...?

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What are the benefits for your company, institution, organization?

  • attracts viewers to website and increases traffic
  • increases Brand Visibility & Brand Recognition
  • increase sales of products / services
  • easy to share, visually appealing, and can easily convey a high volume of information quickly in a memorable way
  • the potential to bring great beauty to otherwise uninteresting streams of data

What are Infographics used for?

  • presentation and educational material
  • annual or statistical report
  • PR promotion
  • company's profile
  • resume
  • map
  • how-to guide

Clients I have worked for:

  • Silicon Valley Manufacturing Round Table
  • British Dental Journal
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Altimeter
  • Illuminas
  • Dell

Infographics are featured on:


Do you need a custom infographic?

Request a quote if none of the above plans suits you.
Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions!

You can check my Infographics portfolio.